The pasta laboratory

We make pasta the pasta: the scent of my home

Love, Passion, Simplicity, Patience, Traditions, Respect, Emotions.

When I come into this small world of mine, all of this connects to the natural freshness of the water and the characteristic scents of the flour, to give life to a pasta that every day makes our meal  specials, with the essential Energy and Vitality to feed young and old.


Bronze drawing: tradition and taste

As from long times, the drawings we use are in bronze: the result? A marked roughness that allows to any sauce to tie to the pasta in an exceptional way for a sublime result.


The drying: the time according to the nature

The waiting smells in the pasta laboratory and the rhythm of the time that goes on is always slower: in the dryers, hour after hour, day after day, no rush, it resets the caress of the sun that softly dries the pasta as it lies to the wind, keeping its aromas and smells as it was its great treasure.