The pasta

Naturally smelling, nourishing, healthy, sincere……BIO!


From the grinding sto ne a fine, healthy and nutritious flour is produ­ced, ready to move on to our artisan pasta makers. Only two ingre­dients are used , water and flour , mixed by passion, competence and skill.

The bronze-extrusion technique gives the pasta surface its traditio­nal roughness and porosity, the unique and distinctive trait of high craftsmanship. The rough surface allows the pasta to hold sauces better with the sole purpose to make you enjoy our pasta at its best. The drying phase takes piace at low temperatures for a long time. This phase lengthens production times considerably compared to the industriai process and, at the same time, guarantees the preser­vation of ali nutrients contained in the grain.

Our pasta tells the story of the grain from which it comes from, a true expression of values , traditi on and history of those who grow it.

The spelt

• Piace of production: Rovigo/Vicenza/Treviso (Italy)

• Organoleptic characteristics: Organic spelt Pasta aftertaste like hazelnut.

• Curiosity: spelt, one the dest types of grain to be cultivated by man, is distinguished by its long stem, which allows the  plant to draw on the richest layers of the soil.

Durum wheat

• Place of production: Rovigo/Vicenza (Italy)

• Organoleptic characteristics: Durum wheat Pasta taste like natural straw.


• Place of production: Treviso

• Organoleptic characteristics: Khorasan Pasta has a decided hint of aromatic herbs, has a nutritious and very digestible character.

Curiosity: Khorasan is an ancient cereal. lt is an energetic food, rich in proteins and is particularly indicated far sportsmen ‘s diet. Compa­red to wheat and wheat, it is more digestible and is more suitable even far those with slowed digestion. Far the same reason, it is also indicated far those who accuse gastric problems after meals.


“Bios” is synonym of Life: Mulino Terrevive is Bio, therefore  is life, because our pasta is alive. In the flours before, and in the production processes then, a particular attention is paid to the maintenance and the respect of the native elements already present in cereal grains: Vitamins, mineral Salts, Protein as well as the same wheat germ are ruling the roost, to still reserve  an alive and healthy dish.

Bronze Drawing

All the Pasta produced in our firm is rigorously drawn to the bronze, for a result rich in tastes, able to melt with every type of seasoning

Drying at low temperature

Every day we are focused in a rat race that distract us from equally important aspects of our life: to our pasta, we have decided to devote the whole necessary time instead, so that the drying correctly is carried out at low temperatures; our purpose is to guarantee, in fact, the safeguard of all the nutrients naturally guarded in the cereal grains that we select for the stone grinding of our flours

Brief cooking

The pasta we produce is not made of mixtures, it has no added neither genetic changes of its ingredients: it is simply the union of the flour as result of the stone grinding and water. Try it paying attention to the times of cooking noted in the packaging and adding a pinch of lovely delicacy: it takes a few minutes to have it ready on your tables.